Urgent youth AmDram casting call !

Hyde Little Theatre are looking for a young boy, approximately 10 years old (or playing age of), slight of build and small in stature to play the part of William Beech in our production of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ in February.

Please privately message the Director, Carla Stokes, if you know anybody who might be interested.

We are also looking for a company of villagers, Londoners, doctors, nurses etc: all of whom form part of the Stage Crew by helping with continuity.


On the Piste

There will be an audition read-through for our April 2018 play, John Godber’s ‘On the Piste’, on 15th January 2018 at 7.30pm at Studio 9.

Character ages are quite open but two believable couples need casting.  Melissa and Tony are both without partners.

Please message our director, Kerry Ely, if you have any questions regarding the audition or the production. 


Character details:

Chris Baxter: Highly educated, very bright, witty and extremely likeable. A DJ with a local Northern radio station. A personality, but quite sensitive (role requires ability to perform Pratt falls).

Alison Allan: School Teacher. Kind and personable. Not Without a strong edge. Emotional, pulsing away under the surface.

Dave Truman: A bit of a lad, freewheeler. Gushy, loud, cruel. Dangerous. Loves himself. Out for an easy ride.

Bev Ryan: Effusive, kind, daffy, silly. Ultimately very honest. Vulnerable. Works in a record shop, expresses her every thought.

Melissa Grey: Extremely confident, attractive, but beneath it all maybe quite repressed. Knows the game has probably been hurt more than the others, strong but not aggressive.

Tony Muller: A personality. Likeable. Very fit and effusive, easy going, but has he ulterior motives? Genuinely good fun.