Tinies: 10am – 11am
All other dancer: 11:15am – 12:30pm

No T-shirts, or baggy pants are to be worn. Dance wear or leotards. Please bring Jazz, Tap and Ballet shoes if you have them as we will be trying out all dances. All long hair must be styled in a neat high bun and all dancers must warm up prior to dancing.

You will be auditioned in groups, these are not relative to ones you may be put in should you be successful.

As there has been prior warning of the audition for some time we will only be considering dancers who turn up to the audition.

Please forward any questions or queries to our choreographer, Mel Hibbert




Audition pieces will be provided on the day for you to read-through before performance. All suitable ages will be considered for the parts.

Please prepare to sing a verse and a chorus of an unaccompanied song. (Just so I can hear you sing!)


Fairy Bluebell (Immortal good fairy)
Robin Hood (Our hero)
Maid Marion (Our heroine)
King Richard (A straight, good man)
Nurse Nellie (Dame)
Jester (The local clown with big aspirations)
Friar Tuck (A Merry Man)
Will Scarlett (A Merry Man (or woman!))
Little John (A Merry Man (or woman!))
Sheriff of Nottingham (Evil baddie)
Witch Morgana (Immortal evil witch)
Gnome (A gnome. The King’s valet)
Town Crier (Announcer of news)

Chorus of Villagers and Merry Men.