“It’s behind you!”


Although HLT was established in 1967, we didn’t produce our first Pantomime until 1974, directed by R. Atkins.

Since then, our annual Panto has been the highlight of our performing season -often playing to completely full houses and winning awards across the board.

Our most recent Pantomime production was directed by S. Lassandro and was Barry Crossley’s ‘Dick Whittington.’ (We last produced ‘Dick Whittington’ in 2001 and this is only the 4th time we have performed the story in 44 years)!

Here’s a sneak-peek of this year’s Pantomime:


Have a look at the fun we get up to at rehearsals:



Previous Pantomime productions:

1974      Cinderella
1975      Aladdin
1976      Jack and the Beanstalk
1977      Dick Whittington
1978      Babes in the Wood
1979      Puss in Boots
1980      Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
1981      Sinbad the Sailor
1982      Goldilocks and the Three Bears
1983      Cinderella
1984      Little Red Riding Hood
1985      Queen of Hearts
1986      Mother Goose
1987      Aladdin
1988      Robinson Crusoe
1989      Babes in the Wood
1990      Peter Pan
1991      Dick Whittington
1992      Sleeping Beauty
1993      Jack and the Beanstalk
1994      Sinbad the Sailor
1995      Cinderella
1996      Santa in Space
1997      Dick Turpin
1998      Aladdin
1999      Pantoland 2000
2000      King Arthur
2001      Dick Whittington
2002      Robinson Crusoe
2003      Little Jack Horner
2004      Bluebeard
2005      Sinbad the Sailor
2006      Cinderella
2007      Babes in the Wood
2008      Mother Goose
2009      Sleeping Beauty
2010      Aladdin
2011      Santa Claus: The Panto
2012      Red Riding Hood
2013      Robinson Crusoe
2014      Santa in Space
2015      Cinderella
2016      Jack and the Beanstalk
2017      Dick Whittington
2018      T.B.A.